Mar 182016

Mimg_3730It’s a difficult task to put into words all the emotions that an event like GDC evokes in a game creator.

There is excitement for each day for each new event, there are highs as new ideas are spawned like mini brain explosions.

There is anticipation at meeting new like minded people, of having deep discussions with them never knowing where that road might lead in a day, a week, a month, year or even 30 years.

There is regret as you discover the next generation of game makers are coming up with ideas that you wished you had come up with. In hindsight they seem so simple that you kick yourself for not seeing it before, this of course is replaced with pride that maybe the next generation won’t do so badly with the future after all.

There is for some a hang over, complete with thumping headache and blurred vision,  might I recommend a hearty breakfast the next day and water.

There is curiosity at seeing the new technology that is on the cusp of becoming part of the real world, you ask yourself the usual questions; will it be successful? do I want to get involved with it? Can I get involved with it? Is it worth while.

There are happy and occasionally poignant meetings with old friends as you try desperately to catch up with the last decade or two of life events in the few minutes you have between sessions. It is sadly an impossible task, and just saying hello is enough… Until the next time.

There is the feeling of loss as the week comes to an end and everyone goes there separate ways and it dawns on you that, that was it… The conference has finished and it’s time to go home.


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