Mar 182016
GDC 2016 - Mission Accomplished

It’s a difficult task to put into words all the emotions that an event like GDC evokes in a game creator. There is excitement for each day for each new event, there are highs as new ideas are spawned like mini brain explosions. There is anticipation at meeting new like minded people, of having deep discussions […]

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Mar 122016
Game Developer Conference 2016

It’s that time of year again when game developers from all over the world venture out into daylight to catch planes that converge on San Francisco for a week of discussions, lectures, meetings and possibly a drink or two at the Game Developers Conference. My suitcase however isn’t packed, but that’s only because I always […]

Jan 292016
Experiments with Terrain and Water

In the beginning there was a line I have always been fascinated by the concept of procedural terrain generation but I’ve not really had many reason to dig deeper into it professionally. A few months ago I decided that my Christmas 2015 personal project would be to experiment with terrain generation and dynamic water. So […]

Jun 022015
Run Skip Dump - DPAnim (Delux Paint Animator) compression information

Over the last few months I have been performing some Dark Arts conjuring and raising from the dead some of my old tools. I’ve been getting them functional on the 64 bit architecture and giving them a new graphical interface, I’ve also started adding some new features that have been sitting at the back of […]

Jan 292015
Unity-13, Performance - Gathering Metrics

History, always seems to repeat itself… I always look forward to new updates of gaming platforms, they general come with an increase in processing and graphical power which pretty much equates into opportunities for us developers to do more in our games. What I don’t look forward to however is hearing phrases like the following being bantered around […]